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Scotch Whisky

Tomintoul - Speyside


Tomintoul (pronounced ‘Tom-in-TOWEL’) in one of Scotland’s highest villages, at an altitude of 345m (1132 feet).  Drawing its water from the Ballantruan spring, the distillery sits in rugged terrain. It is said the purity of the spring  and the clean air at such an altitude contribute to the smooth, easy-drinking single malt of Tomintoul.

Tomintoul  10 yr old Single Malt - (40%)
Price: £37.50
  Bin No. XW121

Tomintoul  10 yr old Single Malt - 35cl (40%)
Price: £22.50  
Bin No. XW12

Tomintoul  Seiridh Oloroso SherryCask (40%)
Price: £39.50  
Bin No. XW23

Tomintoul  15 yr old with a peaty tang (40%)
Price: £52.95 
Bin No. XW033

Tomintoul  15 yr old Port Cask (40%)
Price: £89.50  
Bin No. XW132

Tomintoul 16 yr old Single Malt  (40%)
Price: £65.00  
Bin No. XW131


Tomintoul 16 yr old Single Malt - 35cl (40%)
Price: £35.00 
Bin No. XW13

Tomintoul 21 yr old Single Malt  40%)
Price: £195.00 
Bin No. XW133

Tomintoul Gift Pack (10yr X 5cl - 16yr X 5cl - 25yr X 5cl)
Price: £19.95 
Bin No. XW122

Old Ballantruan Single Peat Malt (40%)
Price: £47.50  
Bin No. XW161

Old Ballantruan 10 yr Old Single Peated Malt (40%)
Price: £62.50 
Bin No. XW16



Particular favourites of ours are the whiskies of the great Speyside Distillery of Glenfarclas. One of the few family-owned major players left, Glenfarclas is owned by 5th generation George and John Grant and their whiskies are quintessential Speyside Single Malts They were voted Whisky Magazine ‘Distillery of the Year'.


Glenfarclas - 10 year old  (40%)
Price: £42.50
  Bin No. XW90

Glenfarclas - 105 - (cask strength) 10 year old  (60%)
Price: £72.50
 Bin No. XW91

Glenfarclas - 15 year old  (46%)
Price: £75.00
  Bin No. XW94


Glencadam - Highland


Glencadam lies a half mile from the River Esk and quenches its thirs tfrom Loch Lee  at the River Esk’s headwaters, from where the water is piped the thirty miles to the distillery. The water is very soft and produces a ‘creamy’ malt.


Glencadam Origin 1825 Single Malt (40%)
Price: £37.50
  Bin No. XW154


Glencadam 10 yr old Single Malt (46%)
Price: £45.00 
Bin No. XW14


Glencadam 13 yr old Single Malt   (46%)
Price: £65.00
 Bin No.XW1



Glencadam  15 yr old Single Malt  (46%) 
Price  £69.50
Bin XW1

Glencadam  18 yr old Single Malt  (46%)  
Price: £99.50
Bin No.XW153


Glencadam 21 yr old Single Malt (46%)
Price: £119.50
Bin No.XW152

Angus Dundee


An excellent entry-point Single Malt – in a Gift Tube. We cannot publish the estate that it comes from, but we can tell you if you ask!

Glen Ranoch Highland Single Malt (40%)
Price: £27.50  Bin No. XW032

Douglas Laing

Douglas Laing

Hepburn's Choice

Old Particular


Glen Spey   18yr   Speyside  (48.4%)
Bin  No. XW40

Auchentoshan   16yr Lowland (48.4%)  
  Bin  No. XW41

Blair Atholl (sherry cask)  18yr Speyside (48.4%)
  Bin  No. XW42

North British (grain)  30yr Edinurgh (50.7%)  
Bin  No. XW43


Douglas Laing has long had the stock profile to make other independent  bottlers weep. Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Port Ellen, and name it, they're sitting on massive stocks of the big hitters. All are un-chill filtered and without colouring.

Single Minded

Auchroish 10yr   Speyside   (43%)
Price £39.95  Bin No. XW20

Caol Ila   10yr    Islay  (43%)    
Price: £49.75  Bin No. XW11


Jura  8yr  Island  (46%)
  Bin  No. XW51

Balmenach 10yr Speyside (46%)
Bin  No. XW10

Tamdhu   10yr Speyside 46%)
  Bin  No. XW52

Dailuaine 8yr (46%)
Price: £44.95
  Bin No. XW24

Glen Moray  12yr Speyside  (46%)  £49.50  Bin  No. XW53

whisky_Bunnahabhain   10yr Islay.jpg
Glen Moray 12yr.jpg

Talisker 6yr Isle of Skye (46%)
Price: £44.95
 Bin No. XW30

Loch Lomond  - grain 25yr  Highlands  (48.7%)        Price £115.00  Bin No. XW43 


King of Scots   NAS   (40%)
Price: £17.50  Bin No. XW011

Syndicate 58/6 12yr  (gold medal IWSC)  (40%)         £37.50  Bin No. XW20

Big Peat Islay Blended Malt (46%)
£38.50  Bin No. XW33
The Gauldrons Campbeltown Blended Malt (46.2%)
£48.50  Bin No. XW01
The Gauldrons.jpg

Other Nations Whiskies



Hinch ‘small batch’ Bourbon Cask (43%)  
Price £42.50
Bin No. XW17

Hinch  10 year old   Sherry Cask  (43%)
Price £62.50 
Bin No.XW18 



If you are looking for something different, give the Swedish whiskies of Mackmyra a try.   The Svensk Ek is given a massive 93 points in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

Mack  by Mackmyra   Single Malt  (40%)

Price: £34.95  Bin No. XW101

Mackmyra 'Svensk Rok' Peated Malt - 50cl Sweden  (46.1%)

Price: £39.50  Bin No. XW012

Mackmyra 'Bruks' Single Malt  Sweden  (41.4%)

Price: £45.00  Bin No. XW07

Mackmyra 'Svensk Ek' Single Malt  Sweden  (46.4%)

Price: £50.00  Bin No. XW09


Mackmyra  ‘Limousin’ Single Malt  (46.1%)

Price  £60.00 Bin No. XW22




Hatozaki Blend - Kaikyo Distillery  (40%)

Price £41.50 Bin No.XW06  

Hatozaki Pure Malt - Kaikyo Distillery (46%)
Price £57.50 
Bin No. XW05




 Kentucky Bourbon


Bourbon that defies belief. Willett Pot Still Reserve is one of the most intense spirits I have ever come across and it will blow your cotton-picking socks off!

Old Bardstown Bourbon (45%)  Kentucky   

Price £39.50  Bin No.XW03 

Rowan’s Creek (small batch) Bourbon (50.5%) Kentucky 

Price £69.50  Bin No.XW08


Willets Bourbon  magnum plus 175cl  (47%)

Price £150.00  Bin No.XW15


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