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Williams Chase


‘Williams Chase is the UK’s only single-estate distillery founded by the Chase family of Tyrrell’s Crisps fame.’The ‘Great British’ Gin has wonderful aromatics and makes theperfect G & T, the ‘Elegant’ Gin a superb Martini and the ‘Seville Orange’  has delicious infused orange zest flavour.

Williams Chase ‘Great British’ Gin  
Potato - Hereford (40%)  
 Price: £29.95  Bin No.XG16
Chase ‘Seville Orange’ Gin
Apple - Hereford (40%)

Price: £39.95 Bin No.XG18

Fifty Pound Gin

Williams Chase ‘Elegant’ Gin
- Hereford      (48%) 

Williams Chase ‘Elegant’ Gin
300 cl     (48%) 

Price: £41.95   Bin No.XG17
Price: £199.50   Bin No.XG20
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Chase ‘Pink Grapefruit’ Gin

Apple - Hereford (40%)

Price: £39.95 Bin No.XG10

Wonderfully expressive juniper and citrus botanicals typify the flavour profile of Fifty Pounds gin. This London Dry Gin is distilled in small quantities, and in single batches.The name comes from the time of George II and the 1736 Gin Act, when a 50 pound tax was levied on those wishing to produce and sell gin.

Fifty Pounds Gin   London Dry (43.5%)
Price: £39.50  Bin No.XG13
Fifty Pounds Gin   Glass Gift Set  (43.5%)  
Price: £45.00  Bin No.XG15

The English Wine Company


The delicious Cucumber Gin from 'The English Wine Company' in Shrewsbury, is excellent. Pink Gin made from Pomegranate and Chinchona bark: just add tonic!

Cucumber Gin Premium Dry
Small Batch (40%)

Pink Gin Premium Dry 
Small Batch (40%)

The Orangery Gin Premium Dry
Small Batch (40%)

Price: £29.95  Bin No.XG08
Price: £29.95  Bin No.XG11
Price: £29.95  Bin No.XG05
The Lime Tree Gin Premium Dry
Small Batch (40%)

Price: £29.95  Bin No.XG28
The Lemon Grove Gin Premium Dry    Small Batch  (40%)
Price: £29.95  Bin No.XG16

Dyfi Valley Wales


Extraordinary Gins from the Dyfi Distillery near Machynlleth in west Wales. Made by the Cameron brothers from locally foraged botanicals, these are the antithesis of the multitudinous badly made, little more than flavoured vodka offerings that have flooded the market. Winners of an astonishing range of awards these are quite stunning. The Original is made using locally foraged botanicals such as bog myrtle (sweet gale) and Scot’s pine tips, combined with the finest juniper, coriander and organic unwaxed lemon peel (and other ingredients) Gold Medal & Best Welsh Dry Gin winner in World Gin Awards 2020 and 2021. Pollination has wildflower and herbs at its heart, while Hibernation has been aged in 100 year old white port cask from Niepoort.

Dyfi gin.jpg
Dyfi Original Gin - 50cl (45%)
Price £31.50  Bin No. XG25
Dyfi Polination Gin- 50cl (45%)
Price £34.50  Bin No. XG26
Dyfi Hibernation Gin - 50cl  (45%)
Price £42.50  Bin No. XG27

Other Gins


Aviation Gin

America (42%)

An American dry gin, meaning the taste profile is less strongly juniper flavoured than some other gins. Seven flavouring ingredients are used in its production: juniper, lavender, sweet and bitter orange peel, cardamom, coriander, Indian sarsaparilla, and anise seed. Aviation American Gin is pot distilled

Price: £38.50  Bin No.XG12


Zuidam ‘Dutch Courage’ Gin

Holland   (44.5%)

Zuidam's wonderfully named Dutch Courage is a rich dry gin from Holland. It is based on grain spirit, which is flavoured with the very best botanicals. Made in small batches, this is a crisp and full bodied gin which works wonderfully in a Dry Martini

Price: £45.00  Bin No.XG04


Cruxland Gin

South Africa   (43%)

Price: £27.50  Bin No. XG09


Gilpin's Gin Westmorland

London Dry (47%)

Price £36.95  Bin No. XG03

The spirit is made from grapes, 8 botanicals are used ,rare Kalahari truffle, alongside juniper, cardamom, lemon, aniseed, almond, coriander, rooibos and honeybush.  Earthy spicy flavours with a touch of citrus.

Gilpin's Westmorland Extra Dry Gin features 8 botanicals, including borage, sage and citrus peels, alongside grain spirit and water from Cartmel in the Lake District. and  distilled in a traditional still at Thames Distillery in London. A traditional dry gin with a superb balance of flavours between the prominent juniper, earthy and herbal notes from the sage and borage, and the citrus from the three different peels used.