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Hungarian Wine

Torley Vineyards

The Bikavér (Bull's Blood) blend, exclusive to the Eger and Szekszárd regions, is the best-known of all Hungarian wines. Legend has it that the name originates from the unsuccessful siege of Eger by the Turks in 1552, when the heavily outnumbered Hungarians had nothing to drink but red wine. This proved to be to their advantage, their red stained beards and wild eyes terrified the Turks, who thought they had been drinking Bull's Blood


Torley Talisman Bull's Blood is a rich style of wine, with dark fruit and ripe plum aromas balanced with black pepper notes and autumnal leaves. 


Talisman Bulls Blood

Eger Region 

Price £8.50  Bin No. HU01


A beautiful dry wine made from the late ripening Grüner Veltliner grape. Aromas of citrus fruit and green herbs with nuances of white pepper and warm spice.


Talisman Grüner Veltliner

     Eger Region 

Price £8.50  Bin No. HU60

Matra Hill

Matra Hills Vineyard Hungry


Good floral aromas with really refreshing fruit.


Matra Hill Pinot Grigio

 Nagyrede Estate

Price £7.50  Bin No. HU61

Based on the sunny southern slopes of the Matra mountains, 80 kilometres north-east of Budapest, is the Nagyrede winery. Famous for their white wines, this Pinot Grigio offers fabulous value for money.

Chapel Hill Sparkling

Made from great grapes of champagne, this dry sparkling wine with attractive melon fruit and good balancing acidity comes from vineyards on the shores of Lake Balaton. Excellent value – outside the Eurozone!


100 % Chardonnay. fruity with hints of green apples, pears and citrus peel.

chapel-hill-chardonnay-brut .jpg
Chapel Hill Chardonnay  Brut
Price: £7.99  Bin No. SW10

Pudding Wine

Tokay Aszu 5 putts.jpg
2014 Tokay Aszu 5 putts
Törley – St Stephan’s Crown  (50cl)
Price:  £16.50  Bin No. DW09
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