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Image by Pooja Chaudhary


Tayport Distillery


A very impressive Distillery located just north of St Andrews in Scotland. Family run and operated since they opened. They produce some of the finest spirits in Scotland and are well recognised on the international awards scene.  With the Gins and Vodka placing very highly at the International Wine & Spirit Competition. 

Tayport distillery source their barley from a farm just south of Edinburgh and distill it in house to make this smooth purely Scottish Vodka.

Recently it won an outstanding gold award for it’s smooth, refined and creamy taste, and was also featured as one of Forbes Magazines top 10 Vodkas in the World.

‘Comforting cacao nibs enveloped in rich chocolate loaf and laced with malted spiced vanilla. Smooth and luxurious; a gorgeously unctuous textured sweet nectar. Highly accomplished.’

All the Tayport Spirits are available in 20cl and 50cl sizes

Tayport Malt Barley Vodka - 50cl - (40%)

Tayport Malt Barley Vodka - 20cl - (40%)

Price: £27.50 Bin No.XV01

Cobalte French Vodka


Cobalte is a unique, premium vodka from Aÿ-Champagne, made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes from the Montagne de Reims.

Focusing on terroir, it fuses minerality, roundness of fruit and freshness from its handpicked grapes, vinified, and then distilled with its lees five times, creating something full of purity and elegance.

This unhurried process shows the dedication put towards creating something exceptional, made simply using locally ripened grapes and natural spring water from the region.

Price: £17.00 Bin No.XV02

Cobalte French Vodka - 50cl - (40%)

Price: £49.50 Bin No.XV3

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