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 Wines of Bulgaria

Château Burgozone - Danube

Burgozone is a boutique family wine producer in Bulgaria. Perched on the slopes of the Danube river, close to the Bulgaria-Romania ferry of Oryahovo and overlooking the island of Esperanto, Burgozone is named after the Roman fortress built on the ancient Roman road Via Istrum.

Throughout the centuries, the area has been regarded as a major winemaking region. Burgozone has selected a unique terrain of 100 hectares located on the Danube river and 43rd parallel N (as Tuscany and Southern Rhône) which has proven to produce the highest quality of grapes.

All Burgozone wines are made from hand-collected grapes from our own vineyards. Thanks to “canopy management” and “green harvesting”, yields are purposely limited to ensure that the grapes obtained are of the highest quality.

Lovely floral Viognier - dry, crisp and refreshing with great peach flavours in the mouth.  Try it with a fish curry.

Côte du Danube  Viognier
Price: £10.75  Bin No. BU61  

Tamyanka by Via Istrum is the finest expression in Bulgaria of the Muscat a petits grains variety, with aromas of citrus, tropical fruits and flowers.

Via Istrum Tamyanka
Price: £15.95 Bin No. BU62  

The stunning Pinot Noir has been aged in French and Bulgarian oak for 6 months and has a real depth of rich red cherry fruit with a finish of vanilla and mocha that would be the envy of many a far more expensive red Burgundy

Côte du Danube  Pinot Noir
Price: £10.75   Bin No. BU01

Lasting and complex aromas of red and black fruits (sour cherry and blackberry), well combined with the fragrances of smoke and caramel. Rich, intense homogenеоus taste of red and black fruits. Notes of cedar, vanilla and chocolate in the aftertaste.

Via Istrum Marselan
Price: £15.95   Bin No. BU33
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