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Please visit our sister company Poterion Fair Trade Communion Wine to view and order communion wines and non-communion wines, click here

Working together with one of South Africa's leading Fair Trade wine estates, Stellar Organics, Poterion is the world's first Fair Trade Communion Wine. We will be celebrating our 15th anniversary this year having sold over 650,000 bottles of Communion Wine throughout the country, thus raising over 1.25 million rand for the Stellar Workers Trust.

Both Communion Wines have 100gms/l of residual sugar.  This has the double advantage of making the wine easy on the palate and most importantly reducing oxidisation.  Once open, a bottle should keep fresh for up to 6 months, especially if stored in a cool place.

Both  Communion Wines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as they have been clarified with bentonite which means no animal product has been used in the wine making process.

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