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We list the award-winning beers from Lymestone Brewery in Stone. Founded by the Bradshaw family in 2008, the Lymestone Brewery has won numerous awards for their beers.


Lymestone Brewery

Bottled Beers

Foundation Stone.jpg
Lymestone  ‘Stone Cutter’  500ml 3.7% 
Lymestone 'Foundation Stone' IPA 500ml  4.5%
Price: £3.00   Bin No. BE09 
Price: £3.00   Bin No. BE05

Freedom Brewery

Lymestone 'Stone the Crows' 500ml  5.4%
Price: £3.00   Bin No. BE06
Here we have pair of really delicious craft beers from the excellent local Freedom Brewery in Uttoxeter.

Vegan Certified Beer

Traditionally beer is filtered with isinglass finings (fish bladders) to make the beers bright and crisp. However, due to our extended maturation we use Kieselguhr Filtration making all our beers completely vegan certified.

freedom_pale _ale.jpg
Freedom Brewery Pale Ale   330ml 4.2%
Price: £2.00   Bin No. BE011
Freedom Brewery Lager 330ml 4%
Price: £1.75   Bin No. BE010

Lymestone Draught Bitter Beers

Lymestone Stone Faced - Firkin
(72 pints  - £1.67 per pint)   4%
Price: £135.00   Bin No. BE012 
Lymestone Stone Faced - Polypin  (36 pints  - £1.67 per pint)   4%
Price: £67.50   Bin No. BE013
Lymestone Stone Foundation Stone Firkin  (72 pints  - £1.87 per pint)   4.5%
Price: £150.00   Bin No. BE014
Lymestone Stone Foundation Stone Polypin  (36 pints  - £1.87 per pint)   4.5%
Price: £75.00   Bin No. BE015

Soft Drinks

Belvoir Farm.png
Belvoir Elderflower Presse 75cl
Price: £2.65   Bin No. SD041
Belvoir Elderflower Presse 25cl
Price: £1.40   Bin No. SD017
decantae 3.jpg
decantae still.jpg
decantae still.jpg
Decantae Still 330ml
Price: £0.65   Bin No. SD024
Decantae Sparkling.jpg
Decantae Sparkling.jpg
Decantae Sparkling 330ml
Price: £0.65   Bin No. SD023
Decantae Still 750ml
Price: £1.20   Bin No. SD022
Decantae Sparkling 750ml
Price: £1.20   Bin No. SD021
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